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  • Laser Cut Foam Inserts for Tool Boxes: 10 Steps with Pictures

    The thin craft foam is also useful when you want to make a container for something with a complex shape in all three axes and you want the foam to fit really well. The best settings for cutting the foam obviously depend on how many layers you are cutting through. For 2 layers, I found that 60% speed, 60% power, and 1000Hz worked well.

  • 10 Things You Can Make with a Silhouette Curio

    The Curio with its deep-cut blade can cut thick craft foam to add even more depth to cards and other crafts. Scratch Board Art: This piece uses the Curio etching tool and a sketch design to create a unique piece of scratchboard art , which is much too thick to run through a CAMEO.

  • 14 Foam Core Board Projects

    The great thing about foam core board is that you can shape it into almost anything you want. I love these foam core board projects and how creative they are. A few are mine and the rest I need to get started on, especially that deer head.

  • Laser Cut Foam Shadow Tool Organizers

    Cutting foam for organizing tools - often called "tool shadowing" - is fast becoming a very popular laser application. The laser easily cuts through a variety of foam thicknesses allowing you to precisely cut inserts that fit your specific tools.

  • Cutting Foam Core

    Cutting Foam Core. Foam core is a stiff, planar material which crimps when overstressed, so curved shapes cant be formed. But it can be cut by hand with near-machine precision, and strong, strht bends of practically any angle can be formed quite easily.

  • Shaping styrofoam davidneat

    81 thoughts on Shaping styrofoam I was looking for better ways to cut foam and ended up building a hot wire cutter. as foam board insulation and can

  • FROG3D Home

    The industry's leading CNC hot wire foam cutting machine. accurate digital scans of any kind of physical object. FROG3D is getting ready to move into a brand

  • 3 Ways to Cut Styrofoam

    How to Cut Styrofoam. Lightweight and easy to paint, styrofoam is a great material for any number of arts and crafts. Cutting styrofoam into any shape you want is easy, but you'll need to choose the right tool for your needs.

  • Foam Cutting Tools

    Logan Graphics Foamwerks Deluxe Cutting Kit for Foam Board for Creative Use In Art, Scrapbooking, Arcitecture, Modeling, Hobby and Craft Applications.

  • Cut-to-Size Plastics

    Cut-to-Size Plastic Acme Plastics offers cut-to-size option for acrylic, PETG, polycarbonate, expanded PVC foam board, high impact styrene and HDPE cutting board sheets. Choose the exact size you need to complete your project without waste.

  • Frequently Asked Questions X-ACTO Knife and Product Answers

    The X-ACTO Foam Board Cutter is the first tool designed specifically for cutting foam board. Because the type of product is so unique, here are some quick tips for how to maximize your X-ACTO Foam Board Cutter. To make basic strht cuts, begin my removing the second blade from the handle.

  • How to cut foam: The dumb way, the expensive way, and the

    One of the things I neglected to mention in my banquette-building post was how to cut the foam. Having no money, I cut through five-inch-thick foam sections by making repeated swipes with a cheapie utility knife like the one above. It was time-consuming, messy, far from accurate, and doing the curves was a real pain. It's the dumb way to cut foam.

  • Working with foam board for art projects; cutting, painting

    Working with foam board for art projects; cutting, painting, etc Published by Manning on September 7th, 2015. I use foam board aka foam core in almost all my big projects masks, Halloween decorations, etc and Ive learned a lot of techniques that help make working with it a lot easier.

  • Mounting 3D Objects

    Mounting 3D Objects. sew them to the surface of the mounting board using invisible thread and a pilot needle. jars and other open-mouthed objects, cut a hole

  • Making 3D Objects From Foam Board: 5 Steps

    Introduction: Making 3D Objects From Foam Board. Foam board I found that 1/4 inch is a good size Step 3: Cut Out the Layers . Show All Items.

  • Laser Cutting Foam and Rubber

    Laser cutting machines by CadCam Technology Ltd can cut a wide range of materials in varying sizes. Here is our FB Series flat bed machines laser cutting foam and rubber, ideal for many applications.

  • Foam Cutting Machining Prototyping California WeCutFoam

    WeCutFoam specia lizes in custom foam cutting, machining and prototyping almost any type of foam. Projects ranging from a few inches and up to 60' x 30' and more. Full scale racing cars, trucks and airplanes, prototypes, mock ups, molds making for composites, concrete molds and foam modeling.

  • Quick Tips for Sculpting Custom Shapes with Styrofoam

    For any custom body type, youre going to have to cut some foam. For extruded polystyrene such as the blue foam board insulation, you can cut it well with any sharp blade. Often it isnt even necessary to cut all the way through, you can simply score it and then snap along the scored line.

  • Craft Foam Sheets, Shapes, and Decorating -- CreateForLess

    Craft Foam Sheets, Shapes, and Decorating . Craft foam comes in all shapes and sizes and can be used in a multitude of ways. It gives dimension to your craft projects and comes in a wide variety of colors. Craft foam is perfect for kids' crafts because it is nearly mess free, and fun to play with.

  • Foam tool organizers by FoamFit Tools

    Foam Tool Organizers. Organize your toolbox using durable foam inserts CNC-cut to shadow your tools. Don't waste time looking for your tools. Bright, contrasting

  • model-making with foam board davidneat

    Posts about model-making with foam board written by david neat correct distance from the wall to convey the objects total depth . with foam board, cutting

  • How to Cut Craft Foam with the Cricut Explore

    This short video will give you an introduction to cutting craft foam with a Cricut Explore. You'll also learn a few quick tips on how to avoid some mistakes that I've made.

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